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The universal SPA² Programmable Limit Alarm Trip provides on/off control, warns of unwanted process conditions, alarms on rate-of-change, and provides emergency shutdown. Very versatile, it accepts a signal input from transmitters, temperature sensors, and a wide array of other monitoring and control instruments: Current and Voltage Signals, 23 RTD Types, 9 Thermocouple Types, Resistance and Potentiometer Devices, Direct Millivolt Sources.

Moore Industries SPA² Programmable Limit Alarm Trip


Input Description
Programmable, any range within 0-50mA or 0-10V
Output Description
Two Alarm Outputs
Power Description
Universal Power, 21.6-375Vdc or 90-260Vac
Housing Description
DIN-style housing mounts on 35mm Top Hat DIN-rails
For use in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
Device Power
Universal: 4-Wire, 24DC/117VAC/230VAC, Line/Mains Powered
Programmable, Current or Voltage, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 1-5VDC
Number of Alarm/Relay Outputs
1, 2
Analog Output
Integral Display
Intrinsically-Safe Input Connections
PC Configurable, USB Cable, Face-plate Configurable
DIN Rail Enclosure
Hazardous Area Certifications
Non-Incendive/Div. 2, Zone 2
RoHS Compliant


  • Universal plant standard: With programmable input/output parameters, and “Universal” DC or AC power input, there’s no need to stock dozens of different alarm trips.
  • 20-bit input resolution: Delivers industry best digital accuracy for both sensor (RTD and thermocouple) and analog (current/voltage) inputs.
  • Site- and PC-Programmable: Featuring security password protection, the SPA² offers the choice of using front panel pushbuttons or our FREE Windows®-based Intelligent PC Configuration Software for fast and simple set up.
  • Long-term stability: Provides up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations.
  • Large 5-digit process and status readout: A backlit display shows menu prompts during pushbutton configuration and, when the SPA² is in operation, shows the process variable, the output or toggles between the two in selectable engineering units.
  • Combined alarm trip and transmitter: The analog output (-AO) option reduces costs and installation time when both alarm and transmitter functions are needed at the same location.
  • Isolated and RFI/EMI protection: Delivers superior protection against the effects of ground loops and plant noise.