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SmartProcess™ Ethylene Furnace
SmartProcess Ethylene Furnace
SmartProcess Ethylene Furnace solution provides a built-for-purpose library of configuration templates that run on DeltaV™ to optimize ethylene furnace operation.
The application solution is built in a modular fashion and allows accommodation of different furnace designs and configurations. Key module components include advanced regulatory controls, advanced controls (pass balancing, severity control, oxygen control), and typical furnace key performance indices.
SmartProcess™ Ethylene Furnace


System Compatibility
SmartProcess Ethylene applications are available on DeltaV v11.3 and higher systems


  • Longer furnace run lengths
  • All passes coke at same rate
  • Estimate 1 extra day of run length per furnace
  • Improved ability to meet production plan
  • Better visibility into the furnace operation, coking and yields
  • Improve planning margin 0.2%
  • 4 hours less downtime per year per furnace
  • 0.1% ethylene yield improvement