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Control Valves Control Valves

Reliable Fisher control valves ensure plant availability, maintain product quality, and improve plant efficiency.

Control valves are designed to manipulate a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds to compensate for load disturbances and precisely maintain the process variable to the desired set point. They are a critical control loop element and need to be properly sized and selected by knowledgeable valve application engineers.

Fisherâ„¢ makes everything from globe, angle and Vee-Ballâ„¢ control valves to smart digital valve controllers, special alloys, low noise and anti-cavitation trims. Our factory trained control valve experts size and select the best Fisher valve for your application, engineered to optimize process performance, safety and reliability.

Control Associates is your local Emerson Impact Partner for everything Fisher in the tri-state metropolitan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region.

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