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Rosemount™ 705 Wireless Totalizing Transmitter
Empower your turbine flow measurement with the Rosemount™ 705 Wireless Totalizing Transmitter.
This transmitter is equipped with wireless technology that consistently delivers average flow rate and totalized volume measurements, even in remote and challenging environments. Ready-to-install, this wireless transmitter provides you with continuous and reliable pulse data from the field and delivers predictive diagnostics data to indicate instrument health and support timely maintenance.
Rosemount™ 705 Wireless Totalizing Transmitter


Update Rate
1 second to 60 minutes, user selectable
Power Supply
Replaceable, intrinsically safe lithium-thionyl chloride power module with PBT polymer enclosure
Housing Material
Low-copper aluminum, or stainless steel
Antenna Type
External (WK option) antenna: Maximum of 10mW (10 dBm) EIRP; Extended range, External (WM option) antenna: Maximum of 18 mW (12.5 dBm) EIRP; High Gain, Remote (WN option) antenna: Maximum of 40 mW (16 dBm) EIRP; Remote (WJ option) antenna: Maximum of 17 mW (12.3 dBm) EIRP


  • Ready-to-install and easily connects to turbine meter or pulse output devices
  • 0-10khz pulse input specification provides a variety of application connections
  • Remote or direct mount allows for flexible installation and operation
  • Remote antenna options offer additional flexibility and long range communications
  • Possible applications include adding existing field installation to measure water flow on injection wells
  • WirelessHART®technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers>99% data reliability
  • Easy, intuitive installation enables a quick method to automate without the cost of wiring
  • SmartPower™ solutions provide up to 10-year maintenance-free operation and replacement without transmitter removal