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Rosemount™ 2410 Tank Hub
The Rosemount 2410 handles data communication between field devices and the control room, and is available in two versions for single or multiple tanks.
Control room communication options include Modbus, IEC 62591 (WirelessHART® protocol) and emulation of other vendors’ protocols. The Rosemount 2410 also feeds power to Rosemount field devices on the FISCO compliant intrinsically safe Tankbus.
Rosemount™ 2410 Tank Hub


Tank Hub Versions
Single tank version: supports one Rosemount 5900S 2-in-1 gauge or two radar level gauges, type Rosemount 5300, 5400, or 5900 installed on the same tank.
Multiple tank version: for a Rosemount 5300/5400/5900 system configuration:
  • The software supports 16 field devices and 10 tanks per hub.
  • Maximum five gauges, type Rosemount 5300 or 5400 per hub.
Custody Transfer Approval
OIML R85:2008, and national certifications such as PTB, NMi etc.
• SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified.
• TÜV tested and WHG approved for overfill prevention.
Foundation™ Fieldbus FISCO (self-configuring ).
Field Bus
Rosemount 2410 communicates with a host or a field communication unit via TRL2 Modbus, RS485, 4-20 mA/HART, Enraf, L&J Tankway, Varec Mark/Space, Whessoe, GPE, Sakura, Tokyo Keiso and WirelessHART® protocol.
Relay Outputs
Two SIL certified relays, which can be configured for different tanks and process variables.
Analog Input
One input channel, current range 0-23 mA.
Analog Output
One output channel (SIL certified ), current range 3.5-23 mA (HART).
Emulation Capability
Possible to integrate with legacy tank gauging systems. Supports emulation of other vendors’ communication protocols. See “Field Bus” above.
Integral digital read-out display: level, level rate, ullage, signal strength, volume (TOV), liquid average temperature, 1-16 spot temperature, vapor average temperature, ambient temperature, free water level, liquid pressure, vapor and air pressure, observed and reference density, and flow rate.
Power Supply
• 24-48 VDC (-15% to +10%).
• 48-240 VAC (-15% to +10%), 50/60 Hz.
Ambient Temperature
-40 to +70 °C (-40 to +158 °F). Minimum start-up temperature is -50 °C (-58 °F).
With LCD display: -25 to 70 °C (-13 to 158 °F).


  • Collect and transfer data from one or several tanks to the control room.
  • Save installation cost by using the bus powered intrinsically safe two-wire Tankbus.
  • Choose between several control room communication possibilities, including Modbus, IEC 62591 (WirelessHART® protocol) and emulation of other vendors’ protocols.
  • Calculate average temperature, observed density and strapping table based volume.
  • Simplify start-up with tank device auto-configuration.
  • Get two configurable output relays, and one analog output for level alarm, all of which are SIL certified.