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Micro Motion 3700 Controller And Transmitter, Remote Field-Mount
With combined Coriolis transmitter functions and PLC capabilities, the Series 3000 is built for industry-focused solutions, including net oil computer, enhanced density, custody transfer and marine fuel bunkering solutions.

Characterize and Configure a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter

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Micro Motion Coriolis Meter Characterization and Configuration Using the Transmitter Display

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Coriolis Meter Characterization and Configuration using Prolink

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Micro Motion 3700 Controller And Transmitter, Remote Field-Mount


Output variables
  • Mass & volume flow
  • Net product content / flow
  • Temperature
  • Density
  • Concentration
Local display
Multi-line LCD panel
  • Backlit LCD, 128 × 128 pixel, bit map
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Non-glare, chemical-resistant acrylic lens
  • Large push buttons with tactile feedback
  • Software-defined function keys
AC option:
  • 85 to 265 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
  • Complies with European low-voltage directive 2006/95/EC per IEC 61010-1, and Installation (Overvoltage) Category II, Pollution Degree 2DC option:
  • 18 to 30 VDC
  • 18 watts
  • typical, 25 watts maximum
    Input/output signals
    • Two active 4–20 mA
    • Three discrete outputs
    • One 2-wire frequency output
    • One 2-wire frequency input
    • Two discrete momentary inputs
    Bell 202 signal is superimposed on the primary milliamp output
    Mounting options
    Remote field-mount
    Application types
    • Batch controller
    • Custody transfer
    • Two-phase flow/entrained gas
    • Meter verification
    Hazardous approvals
    • UL
    • CSA
    • ATEX
    • NEPSI


    • Decrease your plant's labor, maintenance and operating costs with transmitter functions and PLC capabilities
    • Increase efficiency, accelerate throughput and improve product quality
    • Eliminate the need for external tools with full configuration capabilities
    • Improve interaction with a large, programmable display and descriptive alarms for easy setup, control and operation
    • Maximize uptime and process consistency with MVD technology that speeds response and enables multivariable measurement