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Micro Motion CNG Coriolis Flow Meter
Single-meter CNG flow meters meet the challenges of measuring compressed natural gas for custody transfer in light and heavy-duty vehicle dispensers while reducing fill time with higher flow rate capability.
Micro Motion CNG Coriolis Flow Meter


Gas Accuracy / Repeatability
±0.50% of batch ( ±0.25% of rate)
Line Size
1/2” – 3/4” (DN15 – DN20)
Pressure Range
5000 psig (345 barg)
Temperature Range
-40 to 257 F ( - 40 to 125 C)


  • Satisfy needs for light- and heavy-duty vehicle dispensers with a purpose-built, single-meter solution
  • Accommodate most fluids with available 316L stainless steel construction
  • Choose from a wide range of transmitter options, including direct-connect, to accommodate dispenser design requirements
  • Broad range of meter approvals and certifications, including; CSA (Class 1 Div 1 groups C and D, Class 1 Div 2 groups A, B, C and D, Class II Div 1 groups E, F and G), ATEX, NEPSI, IECEx, Ingress Protection 66/67, and NAMUR
  • Save time with a compact design with no moving parts, requiring no special mounting or flow conditioning
  • Rely on custody-transfer-approved certification