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Rosemount™ 9175 Natural Gas Flow Meter
The Rosemount 9175 Natural Gas Flow Meter offers a fully AGA compliant custody device in a complete, integrated package.
Engineered for ease-of-use, the Rosemount 9175 incorporates a Daniel™ Simplex™ Single-Chamber Orifice Fitting to reduce downtime during orifice plate replacements and inspections. Additionally, the Rosemount 9175 is also available in a style that is accepted by the Bureau of Land Management.
Rosemount™ 9175 Natural Gas Flow Meter


Line Size
2", 3", and 4"
Process Connection
ASME RF Class 150, 300, 600
Process Wetted Material
Carbon Steel meter tube, other materials available dependent on component selection
Fluid Type
Liquid, Gas
Measurement Type
Differential Pressure
Process Temperature Range
-20°F to +160°F (-29°C to +71°C)


  • Maximize uptime by quickly performing plate inspections and changes without removing the fitting from the line
  • Complete solution arrives assembled and configured, reducing on-site installation time and cost
  • Prevent gas leakage with no flange spreading required for plate inspections and change-outs
  • Achieve concentricity in accordance with the latest AGA 3/API 14.3 standards for consistently accurate measurement
  • Models accepted by the Bureau of Land Management available for compliance and simplified inspection