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<span style="color:#00488e;">Same Great People, Instrumentation Solutions, & Support</span>

Same Great People, Instrumentation Solutions, & Support

For over 30 years, Pro-Tech has provided customers with world-class Flow Measurement Technologies for their most challenging process measurement applications. As of July 1, 2024, Pro-Tech will now be doing business as Control Associates, Inc.
Our great people will remain in place and continue to provide everything you need to develop an effective measurement strategy—bringing together industry leading products, expertise from a global network of engineers and scientists, and a dedicated local design and service team.
Pro-Tech Solutions is now operating as Control Associates, but you can reach the same great people you've always relied upon!

Measurement Solutions Are Integral to Meeting Business Goals

Our diverse instrumentation product and service portfolio enables us to connect our customers with innovative technologies and local engineering expertise to optimize the reliability, safety, and performance of any operation.

We help our customers:

  • Improve process control stability by improving measurement accuracy
  • Identify sustainability improvement opportunities by measuring utility usage
  • Improve billing capabilities by improving inventory measurements
  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns by predicting equipment failures
  • Improve operator safety by enhancing the data from safety systems
  • Save time on manual rounds by automating data collection

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