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Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem
The Rosemount 2180 Field Bus Modem is used for connecting the TRL2 field bus from Rosemount Tank Gauging field devices or the Rosemount 2460 System Hub, to the Rosemount TankMaster PC in the control room.
It is connected to the PC using either the RS232 or the USB interface. The modem has LEDs to indicate power-on and communication, and if required front panel switches to set gain and termination. The mounting kit enables fitting to a standard DIN rail.
Rosemount™ 2180 Field Bus Modem


Input Signal
TRL2 field bus, and Modbus protocol.
Output Signal
RS232 and USB.
Cable to PC
3 m (10 ft).
Power Supply
AC/DC converter with multiple international AC sockets supplied (7-12 VDC, 50 mA).
Field Bus Overvoltage Protection
Galvanic insulation, and transient suppressors.
Ambient Temperature
0 to + 55 °C (0 to +130 °F).


  • Enables longer distance between a Rosemount 2460 and a Rosemount TankMaster PC.
  • Features diagnostic LEDs on front cover.
  • Enables multidrop - one Rosemount TankMaster can communicate with several Rosemount 2460 units.
  • Provides multiple mounting options.