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Rosemount™ Control Cabinet
The Rosemount Control Cabinet is designed for Rosemount Tank Gauging products.
It is used to simplify installations and protect tank gauging equipment and computers from heat, dust and unauthorized access. The cabinet is usally customized for specific project requirements. It can be pre-configured with already tested connections.
Rosemount™ Control Cabinet


Power Supply
110/230 VAC.
Alarm Outputs
High temperature relay, fan failure relay, smoke detector relay etc.
Server/Network cabinet has both front and back end access. Modules and components are mounted such that they can be quickly replaced in the event of failure. All redundant components can be replaced without powering down the system.


  • Simplify control room installation.
  • Save installation time.
  • Get electrical connections and TankMaster redundancy configured and 100% pre-tested.
  • Protect control room equipment and computers.
  • Synchronize same look-and-feel with other cabinets.
  • Expand system in the future using spare terminals and spare cabinet space.