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A Flexible Continuous Manufacturing Platform for Life Sciences
Continua Process Systems' ContinuousPlant® suite of software and integration services enables pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to deploy advanced continuous manufacturing (CM) processes by integrating in-process Process Analytical Technology orchestrations with advanced process control, and materials tracking and traceability systems. Our innovative software technology allows you to consistently produce drug products faster and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.


  • ContinuousPlant® Flexible Batch
  • ContinuousPlant® Materials Traceability
  • ContinuousPlant® Materials Tracking
  • ContinuousPlant® Nonlinear Process Optimizer
  • ContinuousPlant® Process Solver
  • ContinuousPlant® Process Modeler
  • ContinuousPlant® Nonlinear Kalman Filter
  • ContinuousPlant® Throughput Optimization