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Yarway 460 and 515 High Pressure Thermodynamic Steam Traps
The Yarway 460 and 515 High Pressure Steam Trap is designed with quick change trim using piston internals.
These traps are designed for a variety of high pressure applications found in utility, industrial and marine service. Typical applications include steam main drip, turbine drain, soot blower, steam separator, fuel, water, air heater and preheater, protection of expansion joints or loops, and control valve.
Yarway 460 and 515 High Pressure Thermodynamic Steam Traps


Thermodynamic (Piston)
NPS 1/2, 3/4, and 1 / DN 15, 20, and 25
Maximum Temperature
1000°F (538°C)
Operating Pressure
  • Type 460 - 600 psig (41 bar)
  • Type 515 - 1500 psig (103 bar)
Up to 55% of inlet pressure, psia/bar
Up to 5000 lb/hr (2272 kg/hr)
Socket weld
F11 Chrome Moly body and stainless steel trim


  • Simple, In-line repair using quick change capsule
  • Unaffected by water hammer
  • Freeze Proof
  • Hardened stainless steel construction provides exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Open failure mode prevents water hammer in steam distribution mains
  • Single moving part