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Yarway PB Thermostatic Steam Trap
Yarway PB Thermostatic Steam Trap
Yarway PB Series provide the benefits of a thermostatic steam trap including freeze proof, energy efficient condensate removal in a economical, permanently assembled design.
The Type PB-5 operates near steam temperature for drip and critical tracer applications when maximum drainage of condensate is required while the Type PB-40 are designed for winterization and instrumentation tracer applications when the sensible heat of the condensate will be employed for heating.
Yarway PB Thermostatic Steam Trap


Thermostatic (bellows / FTE)
NPS 1/2 and 3/4 / DN 15 and 20
Maximum Temperature
750°F (400°C)
Operating Pressure
305 psi (21 bar)
Back pressure
Up to 99% of inlet pressure, psia/bar
Up to 660 lb/hr (300 kg/hr)
Stainless Steel


  • Freeze Proof
  • Hardened stainless steel construction provides exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Open failure mode prevents water hammer in steam distribution mains
  • Withstands superheat
  • Operates against 99% backpressure
  • Energy efficient subcooled discharge
  • Integral check valve and screen
  • Installation in any position