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Keystone F89 Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuator
The Keystone F89 is a pneumatic quarter-turn actuator for general purpose and hazardous area applications. The F89 is designed for simple, safe use and ultimate realiability, meeting EN15714-3 requirements and has been validated to 500,000 cycles under specified conditions.
Keystone F89 Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuator


Supply pressure
Up to 8.3 bar
`-40°C to 150°C


  • Direct mounting to all Keystone butterfly valves and ball valves.
  • Valve connection compatible with Keystone (imperial and metric) and ISO 5211
  • Double Rack and Pinion design nullifies side loads on the pinion shaft, minimizing bearing wear and extending life.
  • Optimized product flow with standard mounted travel stops for valve position adjustment in open and close position (+/- 5� at each end).
  • Anodized aluminum body with electrostatic powder coating (ESPC) finish provides durable protection against corrosive environments.
  • Double acting and spring return versions available for cost effective and safe operation.
  • Up to 12 individual springs offer flexible torque range for both ball as butterfly valves.
  • Pre-compressed spring design and anti-blowout drive pinion means safe maintenance and operation.