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Board certified to repair all brands of pressure relief & safety valves.

Board certified to repair all brands of pressure relief & safety valves.

Atlantic Valve Services holds ‘VR’ certification from the National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI), allowing us to repair, refurbish and test all brands and models of pressure relief & safety valves. Upon completion, we provide a detailed report, listing the parts that were machined or replaced, as well as the certification test results.

In addition to safety pressure relief & safety valves, our experienced technicians can repair all types of isolation valves, including gate, globe, ball, butterfly, and check valves.

Our modern fully equipped 20,000 sf facility is located in Swedesboro, NJ. As an Emerson factory authorized repair and new assembly center for Anderson Greenwood™, Crosby™ and Kunkle™ valves, we carry a large inventory of new valves and genuine OEM parts available for same day / next day delivery. We also have direct access to an additional $30M+ of inventory through the North American Emerson Impact Partner Network and Emerson factories.

Shop Services

Atlantic Valve Services maintains the following authorization/certifications:

  • ASME ‘V’ Stamp
  • ASME ‘UV’ Stamp
  • National Board ‘NB’ Stamp
  • National Board ‘VR’ Repair Stamp (shop & field)

Our ability to diagnose operational issues with your valves allows us to make upgrade and modification recommendations that will improve performance. Typical modifications include:

  • Metallurgy upgrades to address changes in your process conditions
  • Bellows installation in pressure relief & safety valves to negate back pressure build up in outlet piping
  • Stem extensions to improve operation ergonomics of isolation valves
  • Gearbox sizing to improve opening or closing time of isolation valves

Our facility has steam, air, and water test stands that have been qualified by the National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI) for pressure relief & safety valve testing. We test the valve set points per the National Board Inspection Code VR program. Valve seat tightness is tested per API Standard 527. Once a valve leaves our facility, you are ensured that it will perform as new.

Atlantic Valve Services testing capabilities include:

  • Pressure relief valves (up to 12 inches)
  • 1450 psig steam generator
  • High pressure air testing (4500 psig)
  • Liquid relief valve testing (up to 4000 psig)
  • Hydro testing (up to 4000 psig)
  • Rail tank car relief valve stand
  • Pilot valve test stand
  • Pressure/vacuum test stand
  • Onsite relief valve testing

Our O2 clean room makes Atlantic Valve Services unique among regional valve repair centers. Many industrial gas customers use Atlantic Valve Services to clean new and repaired valves and regulators that require degreasing due to contact with oxygen, fluorine, or other processes.

Our cleaning facility is segregated from our main shop and employs air filtration systems to ensure that no unwanted particulate will come in contact with your valve. We use a dedicated oil-free air compressor to supply our stainless steel test stand. Black lights are employed to ensure hydrocarbons have been removed and the cleaning is complete.

Atlantic Valve Services has the ability to clean all types of valves and instrumentation to your stringent standards and specifications.

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