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Enable an Integrated Workflow

Enable an Integrated Workflow

The Plantweb Optics platform improves reliability and availability by enhancing the visibility into all aspects of your operation.
  • Drive proactive operations through an integrated workflow
  • Connect assets directly to SAP and IBM Maximo CMMS
  • Automatically generate work notifications for your most critical assets
  • Compare parameters across multiple assets
Plantweb Optics CMMS Interface

Plantweb Optics CMMS Interface

Plantweb Optics asset performance platform centralizes data to provide a holistic view of the work orders being created to drive action.

By connecting underlying applications directly to your CMMS, alerts can be turned directly into work notifications.

Know and Understand the Current Status of Critical Assets

Know and Understand the Current Status of Critical Assets

Asset management data needs to be kept in a location where users can analyze data in context.  Plantweb Optics Historian is embedded in the platform, so with no  configuration is required to see a complete view of historical health and performance.  By providing historical data, current values, alerts, and messages in one location, you have a holistic view of your asset allowing you to make an informed decision quickly.
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