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Yarway Steam Trap Solutions

October 4, 2018

Control Associates Named Emerson Representative of Yarway Steam Traps

Yarway offers a broad portfolio of proven and reliable steam trap solutions for a wide range of steam generation and distribution applications. With over 100 years of steam expertise, our steam trap solutions are designed to support safe, reliable, and efficient operation of steam systems. Our product portfolio now includes Yarway Steam Traps, Yarway ARC Valves, Yarway / Penberthy Boiler Trim and Yarway Welbond has Blow-off Valves.

Yarway Steam Traps
  • Broad steam trap offering for a wide range of pressure and condensate load requirements
  • Highly reliable traps for drip, tracing, and process applications
  • In-line repairable design ensure ease of maintenance
Yarway Steam Trap Monitoring & Management Services

Control Associates experts can conduct steam trap surveys and provide our Emerson wireless steam trap monitoring solution to ensure proper steam trap operation and minimize steam loss.

Control Associates is a provider of process control systems, valves, instrumentation, pressure management, asset reliability, systems integration and data management solutions to industrial and commercial customers in the tri-state metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region, and northern Caribbean. Our unique long-term partnership with Emerson and other leading manufacturers, enables us to connect customers with innovative technology, technical expertise and 24/7 lifecycle support services to optimize the reliability, safety, profitability and performance of their operations.