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New Single-Use Pressure Instrument Helps Science Manufacturers Reduce Time to Market

August 17, 2020

Emerson’s Rosemount 550PT Pressure Transmitter delivers optimized and reliable production

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (August 17, 2020) – Emerson introduces the Rosemount™ 550PT Pressure Transmitter, specifically designed for single-use bioprocessing applications to deliver the performance needed to optimize processes while preserving product integrity. This new pressure instrument joins the single-use technology family of instrumentation, which already includes pH and dissolved oxygen instruments.

Life sciences manufacturers are undergoing a foundational shift in drug development and production methods, increasingly deploying single-use solutions to increase flexibility and scalability. By using single-use processes, manufacturers can better address targeted patient populations and reduce time-to-market.

However, traditional instrumentation is cumbersome and costly to integrate into single-use bioreactor bags, creating a need for instrumentation technology designed specifically for single-use biomanufacturing. Single-use instruments must be compatible with sterilization methods, easy to use and provide accurate performance.

The Rosemount 550PT Pressure Transmitter is installed with a disposable Rosemount 551 Single-Use Process Connector, which incorporates a flexible isolating diaphragm to provide a sterile barrier. This barrier keeps the pressure instrument’s sensor separate from the process media, increasing safety and eliminating any risk of contamination, while making the instrument reusable.

Proven and reliable pressure sensor technology is adapted into a compact size profile for single-use application, and the transmitter generates a standard 4-20mA signal output. The pressure sensor delivers +/- 0.15 psi accuracy, so users can be confident of precise and safe control. Once clamped to the process connector, the transmitter can be zeroed in place to ensure batch-to-batch repeatability and long-term stability. Users can easily interface their instrumentation with biotherapeutic operations by seamlessly integrating with the DeltaV distributed control system.

Simple startup and reduced time between batches is made possible with the sensor and matching process connector combination. The connector design can be integrated into a large variety of applications, and it can withstand 75 psi with the instrument installed and 7.5 psi without an instrument installed. This allows the sensor to be removed and replaced if necessary, without interrupting production in most applications.

“Our long history of best-in-class pressure measurement instrumentation is being brought to the life sciences industry with single-use pressure instrumentation. This will allow customers to increase scalability, improve quality and reduce capital expenditure to remain competitive. This new manufacturing approach, powered by automation, makes it possible to create medicines necessary quickly, reliably, safely and economically,” said Jon Stokes, group president of measurement solutions at Emerson.

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