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Life Sciences.NOW - Webinar Series

June 30, 2020

Interactive Discussions on Digital Plant Technologies to Improve Operational Certainty, Quality, and Regulatory Compliance

2 Interactive Discussions Per Week | JUN 30 - AUG 20, 2020

This Life Sciences.Now webinar series will provide direction and updates on key manufacturing operation initiatives to improve operational certainty, deliver cost effective quality and regulatory compliance and accelerate the product development pipeline.

The series format will provide:

  1. An update on key Life Sciences manufacturing operation initiatives,
  2. Examples of the topic, and
  3. An open question and answer session with panelists.

Why attend:

  • Gain input from stake holders and peers on industry direction, challenges and solutions.
  • Shape your strategy on the way solutions are being developed and how to apply them in your facility.
  • Experience hands on demonstrations of automation solutions and packages.
  • Learn best practices to help you understand the impact and future opportunities for your site.

Different panel members will join specific topics and available during the Q&A at the end of each Webinar. Each of the presentation’s will be approximately 30 minutes followed by Q&A.

We encourage you to attend all 8 Webinars in the series but please feel free to pick and choose the topics of most interest, as a single registration will get you access to all Webinars.

  • 30th June and 2nd July (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Apply the BioPhorum Digital Plant Maturity Model to Transform your Operations

  • 7th July and 9th July (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Delivering Value of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Phased Deployment 

  • 14th July and 16th July (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Optimize Life Sciences Facility Throughput 

  • 21st July and 23rd July (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Implement Easy, Flexible Manufacturing Leveraging Common Modules and new Plug and Play Technologies 

  • 28th July and 30th July (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Improve Life Sciences Equipment Uptime 

  • 4th August and 6th August (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Get to Market Faster and Reduce Risk with the Emerson Digital Twin 

  • 11th August and 13th August (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Accelerate the Technology Transfer Process for your Product Development Pipeline 

  • 18th August and 20th August (15:00 CET - Europe / 09:00 ET - USA)

    Ensure Product Quality in Real-Time through Process Analytical Technologies 

Registration Provides Access to Entire Series
Life Sciences.NOW
Discussions to Improve Operational Certainty, Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Life Sciences.NOW