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Fisher™ LCP200 Local Control Panel
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The LCP200 local control panel is used with the HART® communicating DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller.
This panel is used to manually open, close or test a safety shutdown valve using three protected pushbuttons. The LCP200 also provides three lights to visually indicate if the valve is open, closed or ready to reset.
Fisher™ LCP200 Local Control Panel


FM, FM Canada, ATEX, IECEx
Data Interface
Stainless Steel
Power Source
24VDC External Power, LOOP
Safety Integrity Level
SIL 2 capable relay outputs
Temperature Limits
-40 to 65C


  • The LCP200 can be mounted remote from the valve in an easily accessible location to view the status and perform periodic testing.
  • Reduce I/O count, since the LCP200 combines open/closed/readytoreset lights and open/close pushbuttons into a single field enclosure, thus eliminating 3 discrete output (DO) and 2 discrete input (DI) channels from the logic solver.
  • With the open and close pushbuttons provide a means to manually perform a proof test to reduce the number of dangerous undetected failures.
  • The test pushbutton provides a means to manually perform an online partial stroke test to reduce the frequency of proof tests.
  • The trip and reset push buttons provide a corresponding change in the state of the associated single pole double throw (SPDT) relay. The trip and reset relays can be used as input to initiate Trip or Reset action in the logic solver. The contact change is SIL2 capable.
  • Each pushbutton can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the safety valve operation.
  • The explosion-proof stainless steel enclosure is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments