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Rosemount™ Radar Master Plus - FDI Package
Rosemount Radar Master Plus is developed to give you the most user-friendly experience when configuring and operating your Rosemount 3408 or 5408 Level Transmitter.
The intuitive guided set up will make sure that your transmitter is properly installed and ready for operation. With dynamic graphics it is easy to configure the correct settings. With the unique alert historian you can track events and alerts that have occurred back in time. All alerts are NE 107 compliant.


  • Compatible with any FDI host, e.g. AMS Device Configurator
  • Rosemount Radar Master Plus, including the intuitive guided setup, has been developed using Human Centered Design to ensure a user-friendly experience
  • Get direct feedback on your configuration with dynamic illustrations.
  • The built-in historian saves the recent data and alerts, giving you the opportunity to review past events in your Rosemount Radar Master Plus and improve your operations