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Rosemount™ MLT2 Continuous Gas Analyzer
rosemount mlt2
The MLT 2 analyzer can measure up to five components and the measuring principles may be combined in a variety of combinations.
Configured as a host analyzer to control an extensive measuring system or as a stand-alone unit, it is equipped with an LCD front panel with numerical and graphical measuring value indication. All MLT 2 variations may be equipped with analog and or digital I/Os. The host analyzer I/O is available to all analyzer modules connected within the analyzer network. Upgraded with a CSA-C/US-approved Z purge pressurization system, the MLT 2 can be installed in Division 2 hazardous areas.
Rosemount™ MLT2 Continuous Gas Analyzer


Approx. 30–35 kg depending on configuration
Power Supply
120/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Humidity Range
< 90 % r.h. @ 20 °C (68 °F)  /  < 70 % r.h. @ 40 °C (104 °F)


  • Part of PlantWeb® field-based architecture and compatible with DeltaV™
  • Multi-component analyzer with multi-channel capability (up to five channels in a single unit)
  • Wall-mountable stainless steel IP 65 field housing (designed to meet NEMA 4 specs)
  • High-performance micro-flow NDIR detector allows ranges as low as 0 to 10 ppm CO and 0 to 5 ppm CO2
  • Robust NDIR solid-state detector for higher ranges
  • NDUV vacuum diode
  • O2: fast response paramagnetic or long-term stable electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • Thermal conductivity cell
  • Process-approved sensors with solvent-resistant, corrosionresistant, intrinsically safe measuring cells, and stainless steel tubing available
  • Additional options: Integrated thermostat controlled compartment for physical components, Integrated sample handling system, Analog, digital and serial interfaces, Impact-tested front panel, magnetically operated, Autocalibration via internal or external valve block and Pressure and flow rate measurement